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Asmahan Belly Dance Hen Parties in London
Asmahan is a great way to bring adventure, fun and a bit of Egyptian mystery to your Hen Party!

For Egytian Belly Dancing lessons to make your Hen party an event to remember please contact Pineapple Studios on:

0207 836 4004

To book Asmahan for a performance or to find out more about venues that allow her to perform please get in touch:


Welcome to Asmahan

Many women in London are looking for a new idea for a hen party. A Belly Dancer can provide a show, dance lessons, and entertain the bride and her friends. This is a special evening to exchange gifts, drink and eat together and have fun.

Asmahan has been dancing at hen parties for many years, creating an exciting and joyous atmosphere for women. Not just available for Hen Party classes Asmahan also is available to provide a dance show, costumes, veils, music and a lovely evening. There are several restaurants you can choose from and arrangements can be made to suit the special needs of each group.

It is becoming more and more popular in London to have a hen party for the bride where a Dancer is invited to perform. Then she gives a dance lesson which all the girls have fun learning. The Bride is dressed up in a costume with a beaded hip scarf, headdress, and a veil. They take photos and have fun dressing up. Usually it is held at a MiddleEastern Resturant, like a Morrocan, Turkish or Lebanese. They have a lot of fun dancing to arabic music, lovely Eastern Food and an Exotic Night Out. The Party can also be at the home of one of the friends of the Bride. If a day of activities is planned, the event can be a Dance Class at a Dance Studio. The ladies have some great photos and memories of a special night with the Bride.

hen party belly dancing class

fun activity for a hen party

hen party belly dance class in london


  For more information or if you have any queries just get in touch:
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