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Welcome to Asmahan

Egyptian BellydancingPhoto by Krystina
Asmahan is a professional Egyptian belly dancer whose stage career has spanned twenty years. She has danced in the most prestigious night clubs and five star hotels in the Middle Eastern show business world. Asmahan is teaching Egyptian Belly Dance in London. She is able to combine the knowledge from her teachers with her professional experience of dancing on stage and is in an excellent position to teach others to dance. Asmahan’s belly dance class in London is held at the famous Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden.

She has worked with the most famous dancers, singers, musicians, and composers of Arabic music. She has been able to learn directly from the stage in addition to training with the most respected Raks Sharqi teachers. Asmahan is renowned for her costumes and has designed and made her own costumes throughout her career.

She has done selective design work for movie stars. She created all the costumes for her production shows in Cairo and for her film. Her extensive experience within the Arabic culture has prepared her to teach Authentic Middle Eastern Dance as one would see at weddings, night clubs, hotel floor shows, folklore performances, parties or theatre. Her ambition as an artist is to honor the traditions of the dance as it exists in the Middle East. Asmahan has produced a dance film which was shot on location in Cairo. This is an Egyptian Dance Fantasy set to a score of original music recorded in Egypt. The style is an avant-garde rock video format with flashback scenes of dancers from various romantic themes of the past and future..

Asmahan can be booked for entertainment at Weddings,
Hen Parties, Club Dates, Costume Balls, Hotel Shows and Parties.

Asmahan Bellydancing Classes
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Egyptian Bellydancing LondonPhoto by Yasmina
Egyptian Dance

Egyptian Belly Dance is the oldest dance in the world, and you
can see records of this beautiful dance in the monuments of
ancient Egypt.

This enduring and alluring dance is now enjoyed by women all over the world. The music is captivating, dancing to vibrant drum rhythms with orchestral arrangements brings out artistic and feminine movements that are both modern and ancient.

It is an eternal art form.

Women have been expressing their femininity
and finding their power
through this dance since the beginning of history.

Bring Beauty and Light into your life
through the knowledge of this ancient art.


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